Interesting Times

I once read that  when the Chinese say we are living in “interesting times”, “interesting times”can also mean “dangerous times” and means pay attention to what is going on within you and externally. The word interesting is the give away that times are perilous, we live on the razors edge.It is “interesting” has no judgement implied either good nor bad; just interesting.My ears always perk up when I hear this word. Interesting means I won’t be bored that’s for sure. The message of the word “interesting”is rich and consuming; be dispassionate, be the calm in the storm, be a witness, practice loving kindness the very best you can and be light-hearted in the midst of a insane world, ala the Italian film, A Beautiful Life.

My Alexander Technique practice, my yogic practice, my practice of a WFPB no oil way of eating are all supportive and sustaining in maintaining centeredness and balance.  Balancing the physical, mental, emotional,and spiritual aspects of life is necessary in interesting times. These are the times of earthquakes, floods, fires, wars, sudden explosions and least we forget we are in a time when people are very divided around what we value and how we want to live together. It is also a time when the portals are open and tremendous energy is available, true evolution is possible and I believe major lessons to be learned. This plane of existence, this earth, this universe is school. Kindergarten for some, high school for others and University and post-grad work for many and we can skip grades at this time. We can Wake Up and help others to open their eyes.

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     /  January 18, 2017


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