This morning as I was filling the tea kettle I noticed that I was hunching my shoulders which was rather shocking to me. I am reminded of a Sanskrit word, avadhana, which means vigilance. This takes vigilance to a whole new level, the level of sacred practice. I must say that after 37 years of practicing the observation, thinking and direction of the Alexander Technique, I am more aware than ever that for me this is a sacred practice. I honor, respect and revere the teachings and my teachers of the Alexander Technique.
To approach my practice with this understanding creates a deeper experience of the Use of the Self. I become present in the consciousness within that is untainted,clear and light as well as grounded that is the core of my being.
For me it always comes back to mindfulness and awareness and how often throughout the day I can return to presence. It is easy for the mind to drift and for thoughts to run rampant. Since my thoughts create my world the more often they are the awareness, inhibition, and direction of the Alexander Technique the more the more often I have peace and clarity.