Can you help me out?

There is a great story about a man who falls into a hole.  A doctor walks past him and he shouts up, “hey doc, can you help me out?” the doctor tosses down a prescription.  Then a priest walks past and he shouts up,”hey pastor, can you help me out?” the priest calls out a blessing.  Then his friend Joe walks past and he yells, “hey Joe, I am down here, can you help me out?”  Joe immediately jumps down into the hole.  The man in the hole says, “that was crazy Joe, now we are both stuck down here.”  Joe says, “yea, but I’ve been down here before and I can show you the way out.”

This is story is so relevant today.  So many of us have been through so much and we get the messiness of life.  We need not be afraid of the messiness.  We can be willing and open to show our vulnerability, show our feelings, ask for help.  My experience is if you ask someone will always come along who has been down that road before and will lend a hand.  It is when we have shame and embarrassment about the mess that we can not grow and get free.  It is only in making mistakes that we learn to find out ‘what works’ for us.

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  1. Donna Lipman

     /  February 1, 2013

    Awesome, Joanieji!

    I love it when you can use what’s right here in the space!

    Keep it going!

    Love you, DLJ


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